Every tailor-made work out session is different which keeps things interesting

"For a reluctant gym bunny as myself, training with Olympe has been a revelation, and has kick started both a new lifestyle and way of looking at fitness. Every tailor-made work out session is different which keeps things interesting and keeps me on my toes. Her excellent attention to detail means you are constantly striving to do better. The long term focus is not only on getting fit but also on posture and correct body alignment. Most importantly I really enjoy (even if its tough!) every training session."



I couldn’t be happier with the results!

"Olympe helped reboot my fitness after nearly a year of doing very little. She has reinvigorated my enjoyment in going to the gym and taught me so much even though I have had trainers before.

She approaches her work with great professionalism and positivity, taking care to explain and demonstrate each exercise such that my form improves. My job means I regularly travel overseas or work late but Olympe has been outstanding in guiding me consistently, tailoring my programme so I can keep going even if I'm elsewhere and so I can fit exercise around my commitments. And as my training needs have evolved, Olympe has repeatedly proven the depth of her talent and experience by recommending new challenging workouts that ensure I keep making progress towards specific goals. I couldn’t be happier with the results!" 





The trainings are always very diverse and a lot of fun!

"I started training with Olympe 1 year ago, because I wanted to solve my lower back pain problem and needed to strengthen my core muscles. One year later, not only my back problem is solved, but I have embraced a whole new lifestyle and lost more than 10% fat, 6 cm on average on all significant areas of my body and 6,5 kilos. I accomplished this with eating more healthy with her guidance and training with her twice a week. The trainings are always very diverse and a lot of fun! 

Many many thanks for working with me the last year and motivating me!"



Our wedding was coming up and I wanted to get "ready" for the dress

"I started with the training approx 2 years ago. I was not feeling fit and realized all the money I was spending on massages and life comfort could better be invested in the source of my energy; a fit body. Via the gym I met Olympe and I directly loved her approach. She really looked at my body, the strengths and weaknesses and she built a program around that. She has great expertise and experience; I dont know how she does it, but every training is challenging with new things to learn. 

After a while Pieter, my fiancee at that time, joined me and we started duo training. Great fun, as Olympe knows how to get us both motivated by creating joint exercises or fun competition. Our different levels and strengths don't matter, Olympe always brings some training materials to ensure Its a bit heavier for Pieter :-) Personally I love the outdoor trainings, starting the day with a work-out in Sarphatipark or a city track. 

Next to the workouts (of which we got a full program supported with all our exercises in pictures so we could practise on our own) Olympe intergrated lifestyle and food advice into the training. Our wedding was coming up and I wanted to get "ready" for the dress and despite a busy job, lot's of travel of great passion for good food (read lots of...) I found the right balance to reach that. Olympe, big thanks for getting me feeling fit and beautifull! 

We now moved to training twice a week, good fun and feeling much fitter makes training a great thing we do together."



Gemma & Pieter 

Gemma & Pieter 

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I have gained a better body and a great friend

"One year ago i started training with Olympe to lose the weight i gained after having my daughter. Since then i have lost over 7 kilos and i am aiming for another 5 before my 40th birthday by the end of May! 

She knows exactly how to get you back on track when you get distracted. And she makes training fun for me.

I have gained a better body and a great friend."