Olympe provides personal training, small group training and group classes. She’s also available for outdoor personal training sessions and/or sessions at home.

Photos by Marcus Koppen



Personal training

If you always had a health, fitness or performance goal but haven't managed to reach it. You have been training for a while but have reached a plateau and need to find a new and inspirational way of training. If you are pregnant and want to stay in shape or just gave birth and want to get your body back. Then personal training is the answer!

With a tailor made program given along with a monthly progress follow-up you'll have all tools needed to achieve your goals.

Where? TrainMore, Amsterdam  




Urban Master Blaster

UMB is a condition and strength training in an urban environment.

When? From May 15th until August 15th. Every Monday and Thursday, starting at 19:00.

Who? Accessible for everyone with all levels of fitness!

Where? Sarphatipark


Duo training

Is a good alternative for those who are just starting (or restarting) with fitness and want to train with a workout-buddy together with a structured and tailor made program.

As Olympe bases her training on a holistic intake, the condition to make it work is for the trainees to have similar goals for their duo training. For an optimal result, it's necessary to have a similar or not to 'eparce' fitness level in terms of motion control and conditioning.

Where? TrainMore, Amsterdam


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blackroll classes

Mobility and Strength with Blackroll

Since February 2016 Olympe has been part of the ‘Made to move’ project from the Pop-Up Studio Move//West, which was situated in Westerpark, Amsterdam. There she taught Mobility and Strength with Blackroll class which focuses on flexibility, balance, mobility and strength by doing simple exercises and self-massages. It is a full body workout working through the muscle chains.

It eases tension and helps release knots (trigger points) in your muscles. This allows your body to improve its range of motion and overall performance.

Where? This project started again in January 2017, this time at a very unique location: De Hallen, Amsterdam.

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